Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking


Charles Temple, Jeannie L. Steele, Kurtis S. Meredith, Bulgarian Reading Association, Sofia, 2003
The volumes 1-8 cover the contents of the RWCT project workshops. The RWCT project is a professional development program for educators. RWCT introduces research-based, instructional methods to help students think reflectively, take ownership for their personal learning, understand the logic of arguments, listen attentively, debate confidently and become independent, life-long learners.

The volumes cover the following main topics:

  • A framework for critical thinking across the curriculum
  • Methods for promoting critical thinking
  • Reading, writing and discussion in every discipline
  • Cooperative learning
  • Strategies for use across the curriculum
  • Lessons planning and assessment
  • Writing workshop: from self-expression to written arguments
  • Creating thoughtful readers

How Children Learn – a Statement of First Principles

Kak-uchimCharles Temple, Kurtis S. Meredith, Jeannie L. Steele, Bulgarian Reading Association, Sofia 2001.
The volume includes information about the Reading and writing for critical thinking (RWCT) program and explains the principles of critical thinking as an active and interactive cognitive process

“Active Learning and Critical Thinking. Papers from BulRA Conference, April 2005″ CD

CD-active-learningBulgarian Reading Association, Sofia, 2007

This volume includes conference papers developed by university lecturers and high-school teachers as well as educators sharing the ideas for active learning and critical thinking. The forum brought together number of active participants, trainers and professionals using in their practice strategies and techniques from the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT) program. The program is focused on educational strategies and offers more than 60 methodological techniques based on the logical instruction and learning.

The conference was kindly supported by the International Reading Association (ILA).

 ”Education for anti-corruption” CD

CD-ACBulgarian Reading Association, Sofia, 2007

The translation and the development of the Bulgarian version of the resource pack “Education against corruption” is part of the follow up activities provided within the international project “Education against corruption”. It is oriented to high-school teachers who are interested in integrating anti-corruption education in different disciplines at school. The resource pack includes the first part of the international pack as well as selected materials from the second part. Some more information has been added: resources reflecting national legislation, social and educational environment; inks to Bulgarian relevant institutions and organizations; information about the BulRA national anti-corruption project “Victim of corruption? No way!” .

 Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking

Silistra-volumeBulgarian Reading Association, Sofia, 2003.

The volume includes methodological tips and guidelines based on the in class activities developed by teachers and trainers from Silistra and the region.

Deutsche und Bulgaren im Gespräch, 1/2002

Deutche-1-2002Bulgarian Reading Association, Sofia, 2001

Papers from conference “Deutsche und Bulgaren im Gesprach” held in 2001. The conference and publications were sponsored by “Hans Seidel” Foundation.

Deutsche und Bulgaren im Gespräch, 2/2003

Deutche-2-2003Bulgarian Reading Association, 2003, Sofia

Papers from second seminar “Deutsche und Bulgaren im Gesprach” held in 2003 on European integration issues

Critical Thinking (Критическо мислене)

KM-2-2004-PISA-greenCritical Thinking (Критическо мислене) is a Bulgarian version of the bilingual journal Thinking Classroom/Перемена published by RWCT International Consortium (RWCT IC).

It serves as a forum for exchange of ideas and experience among teachers, educators and specialists in different areas interested in promoting democratic teaching practices. The publication encourages professional development, research and reflection.

KM-1-2004-PISA-yellowCritical Thinking features articles that foster learner centred teaching strategies including critical and creative thinking active and cooperative learning and problem solving. The journal also publishes articles that support the above mentioned practices; about institutional bodies and educational policies as well.

It was published by the Bulgarian Reading Association 2001-2005.


Thinking classroom / Перемена

The international bilingual journal Thinking Classroom / Перемена was founded in 2000 as a publication of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking project (RWCT). It was published as a quarterly journal from 2002 through 2006 by the International Reading Association (ILA). Since 2007-2008 it is published by the RWCT International Consortium.