Book donations

Bulgarian Reading Association distributed its own publications (“Critical Thinking” Journal till 2005; books; CDs, etc.) as well as publications of its partners (ILA; IDEC; RWCT IC; Modern Didactics Centre, Lithuania, etc.) to seminars, trainings and conferences in Bulgaria.

Book donation initiatives
As an act of charity and in order to raise public awareness the Bulgarian Reading Association with the kind support of the International Literacy Association donates a great number of publications to university, public and school libraries in Bulgaria. Our partners in the donation campaign in 2006 were:

  • High School for Library Studies and Information Technologies, Sofia
  • USA Embassy Information Center

List of beneficiaries

Public Libraries 

  • “Rodina” Library, Stara Zagora
  • “Zaharii Knyajevski” Library, Stara Zagora
  • Sofia City Library
  • “Hristo Smirnenski” Regional Library, Pleven
  • Silistra City Library


  • Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”, University Library
  • Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”, Pre-primary and Primary Education Department
  • Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”, English and American Studies Library
  • Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”, Department of Slavic Studies
  • Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”, Department for Information and In-service Training of Teachers
  • Rousse University, Silistra Department
  • New Bulgarian University
  • American University in Blagoevgrad
  • Trakia University, Stara Zagora
  • South-Western University, Blagoevgrad
  • Medical University, Varna

Language Schools and High Schools

  • English Language School, Pernik
  • English Language School, Rousse
  • National Aprilov High School, Gabrovo
  • American College of Sofia
  • First English Language School, Sofia
  • English Language School, Pleven
  • First English Language School, Varna
  • English Language School, Lovech
  • “Elin Pelin” High School
  • Vocational School “Elias Kaneti”, Rousse


  • “One World Centre”, Sofia

List of books donated

  • Access for All: Closing the Book Gap for Children in Early Education, Susan B. Neuman & Donna C. Cellano, Albert N. Greco, Pamela Shue, IRA, 2003
  • All American HistoryCelleste W. Rakes, IRA, 2006
  • Authentic Reading Assessment, Sheila W. Valencia, Elfreida H. Hiebert, Peter P. Afflerbach, IRA, 1996
  • “Best Practice”? Insights on LiteracyMargaret T. Stewart, IRA, 2002
  • Book Club: A literature Based CurriculumT. Raphael/ L. Pardo/ K. Highfield/ S. McMahon, IRA, 1997
  • Censorship: A Threat to ReadingJohn S. Simmons, IRA, 1994
  • Children’s Literature in an Integrated CurriculumBeffe Bosma & nancy DeVeries Gufh, IRA, 1995
  • Collaboration for Diverse LearnersVictoria J. Risko & Karen Bromley, IRA, 2000
  • College Reading, Research and PracticeArticle From the Journal of College Literacy and LearningEric J. Paulson, IRA
  • Critical Literacy: A Collection of Articles From the Australian Literacy Educators’ AssociationHeather Fehring & Pam Green, IRA, 2001
  • Enriching Our Lives: Poetry Lessons, John E. Readence & Diane M. Barone, IRA, 2000
  • Exploring Values Through LiteraturePatricia Ruggiano Schmidt & Ann Watts Pailliotet, IRA, 2001
  • Fostering the Love of Reading: The Affective Domain in Reading Education, Eugene H. Cramer & Marieta Castlle, , IRA, 1994
  • Handbook of Early Literacy Research, Susan B. Neuman & David K. Dickinson, IRA, 2001
  • Ideas Without Boundaries, David J. Klooster & Jeannie L. Steele & Patricia L. Bloem, IRA, 2000
  • Journey of Discovery: Building a ClassroomAnn M. Courtney & Theresa L. Abodeeb, IRA, 2001
  • Language Instructional Issues in Asian Classrooms, Cheah Yin Mee & Ng Seok Moi, IRA, 1999
  • Language Study in Middle School, High School, and Beyond: Views of enhancing the Study of Language, John S. Simmons, IRA, March 1999
  • Learning to Teach Reading: Setting the Research AgendaCathy M. Roller, IRA, 2002
  • Literacy in the Cyberage, R.W. Burniske, IRA, 2000
  • Literature Discussion Groups in the Intermediate GradesKaren S. Evans, IRA, 2001
  • Magazines for Kids and TeensDonald R. Stoll, IRA, 1997
  • Non-fiction for the class-roomMilton Meltzer on writing, history and social responses, IRA, 1994
  • Popular Culture in the ClassroomDanna E. Alvermann, Jennifer S. Moon, Margaret C. Hagood, IRA, 1999
  • Promoting Reading in Developing Countries, Vincent Greaney, IRA, 1996
  • Reading for UnderstandingCatherine Snow, IRA, 2002
  • Reading Researchers in Search of Common GroundRona F. Filipo, IRA, 2001
  • Reading, Writing and Talking Gender in Literacy LearningBarbara J. Guzzetti, Josephine P. Young, Margaret M. Gritsavage, Laurie M. Fyfe, Marie Hardenbrook, IRA, 2002
  • Resilient ChildrenDiane Barone, IRA, 1999
  • School Censorship in the 21st Century, John S. Simmons & Eliza T. Dresang, IRA, 2004
  • Single-Subject Experimental Reading: Applications For LiteracySusan B. Neuman & Sandra Mc Cormick, IRA, 1995
  • Studies in Miscue Analysis, Joel Brown & Kenneth S. Goodman & Ann M. Marek, IRA, 1996
  • Teaching and Learning about Multicultural Literature StudiesJanice Hartwick Dressel, IRA, 2003
  • Teaching Literacy Using InformationJoelie Hancock, IRA, 1999
  • Teens for Literacy: Promoting Reading and Writing in Schools and Communities, Allen Berger & Elizabeth A. Shafran, IRA, 2000
  • Testing to Learn – Learning to TestJoanne Capper, IRA, 1996
  • The Balanced Reading ProgramSusan M. Blair-Larsen & Kathryn A. Williams, IRA, 1999
  • The First R: Every Child’s Right to Read, Michel F. Graves & Paul Van Den Broek & Barbara M. Taylor, IRA, 1996
  • The Spelling Book: Teaching Children How to Spell, Not What to SpellGladys Rosencrans, IRA, 1998
  • Thinking and Writing for Publications: A Guide for Teachers, Bonitta L. Wilcox, IRA, 2002
  • Untangling some Knots in K-8 Writing Instruction, Shelley Peterson, IRA, 2003
  • Valued VoicesDeborah A. Wooten, IRA, 2000 

International Conference “Promoting reading in Linguistically and Ethnically Diverse Communities”

International conference “Promoting Reading in Linguistically and Ethnically Diverse Communities” was an initiative of the Bulgarian Reading Association in partnership with IDEC/ILA. The conference took place in January 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The forum brought together professionals and educators from various European countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, Spain), Izrael and USA.

National Conference “Active Learning and Critical Thinking”

BulRA national conference “Active Learning and Critical Thinking”  gathered a great number of educators, partners (university, school associates and representatives of Regional Educational Departments, Ministry of Education and Science) and other professionals working with the RWCT(Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking) program. The program is focused on educational strategies and offers more than 60 methodological techniques, based on the logical instruction and learning. The conference organized in April 2005 was kindly supported by  the International Literacy Association. As a result of the initiative the Bulgarian Reading Association published the papers from the conference on a CD “Active learning and critical thinking”.

Cultural Activity

  • Cooperation with American Corner, City Library for various activities and initiatives / Bulgarian and American traditions and holidays; series of presentations of famous writers/.
  • Regular presentations of educational systems and cultural traditions of the United States and United Kingdom to students and parents with representatives of these countries in various cities.
  • Consultation of NGOs on issues of literacy /”Next Page” for their project “Our Stories”/.
  • Public lectures by specialists from the International Literacy Association (ILA) and the Federation of European Literacy Associations (FELA) on issues of literacy and education.
  • Supporting schools and libraries in organizing festivals, educational initiatives and cultural events.

Participation in FELA Meetings and Conferences