About us

Bulgarian Reading Association (BuIRA) is a national affiliate of the International Literacy Association (ILA) (wwvv.reading.org) and a founding member of the Federation of the European Literacy Associations (FELA). It is an NGO involved in various educational projects and activities outreaching diverse target groups – students of different age, parents, school and university teachers and educators in general. Its national network of members and partners makes it possible to reach directly prospective learners from different geographical sites, of different social and ethnic background and thus disseminate the good practice.

The issue of quality education has always been central for BuIRA activities along with some specific aspects related to disadvantaged groups. BuIRA shares the modern understanding of the need for continuous acquiring new knowledge and skills throughout life with view successful adaptation to a changing world.

BuIRA has organized and hosted an international conference oriented to promoting literacy in diverse linguistic and ethnic communities. Some of BulRA s projects were focused on providing quality education to children from disadvantaged families, working both with students, teachers and parents.

BuIRA has been involved in an international research project of IRA related to teacher education infrastructure in 22 countries in the Eastern Europe/Eurasia region.


Priority Areas

  • Working with youth towards creation and development of a system of competencies and set of linguistic, socio-cultural, ecological and information knowledge;
  • Development of skills for independent and critical thinking throughout the process of education at school, university and life long learning.
  • Organization of training seminars for teachers;
  • Publishing activity in support of good educational practices and their sustainable development.


  • To encourage the formation of skills for independent and critical thinking throughout the process of education and continuous education.
  • To assist in the professional development and training of college students and teachers at different education levels by means of teaching, learning, research and publishing activities;
  • To design and develop programs promoting reading and literacy in a wider sense.
  • To realize cooperation and partnership with national and international organizations working in similar areas.
  •  To unite, coordinate and support the efforts of individuals working towards the goals and ideas of the Association.
  • To cooperate and realize joint activities with governmental institutions towards realization of the goals and ideas of the Association.


  • Educational activities (courses, seminars, etc.) oriented to the development of new educational techniques related to reading and literacy in general.
  • Methodological support and periodical exchange of information among association members on issues related to the association activities as well as keeping links with community.
  • Promoting the ideas of BulRA and the International Literacy Association (ILA) among parents and communities via diverse and adequate formats and forums.
  • Design and realization of diverse local and international projects (educational, volunteer, etc.).
  • Publishing activities (books, manuals, educational materials).



Annual report for 2018 – click here.


BulRA is a member of international networks:

- a national affiliate of International Literacy Association (ILA) since 2003;

- a member of International Development in Europe Committee (IDEC);

- a founding member of RWCT IC International Consortium, since 2004;

- a founding member of Federation of European Literacy Associations (FELA);

Our sponsors

Project activities of the Bulgarian Reading Association are kindly supported by:

- American Secondary Schools for International Students and Teachers, Inc. (ASSIST)

- The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC)

- European Commission, Leonard da Vinci, Partnerships; Socrates Grundvig Programme

- USA Embassy in Bulgaria, Democracy Commission, Small Grants Programme

- “Open Society” Institute, Sofia

- “Open Society” Institute, Budapest, RE:FINE Programme

- “Open Society” Institute, New York

- International Literacy Association (ILA)